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Butterfly Shape Of Names In Decorative Arabic Diwani Calligraphy

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In this enchanting and artistic representation of family members’ names in Arabic calligraphy, the elegant and decorative Diwani script takes the form of a butterfly in a side view. The delicate wing of the butterfly gracefully features the names “Suhaib, Asmaa, and Yasminah – صهيب, أسماء, ياسمينة” intricately written in a beautiful manner. The letters flow seamlessly, joining and connecting together as if dancing on the wing’s canvas. Small, exquisite dots adorn and fill the spaces within the butterfly wing, adding a touch of whimsy. Adjacent to the wing, a silhouette design of the butterfly’s body and head emerges, complete with gracefully curved antennas that contribute to the overall decorative charm. The bottom of the butterfly reveals a meticulously crafted and adorned tail, enhancing the visual appeal of this unique family representation. The combination of the butterfly shape and the artful arrangement of names creates a delightful and meaningful piece of calligraphy.

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