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By The Fig And The Olive Verses In The Shape Of Olive Tree In Diwani Arabic Calligraphy

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In this exquisite representation of an olive tree, written in ornate Arabic calligraphy in the Diwani script, the initial three verses of Surah Al Tin are meticulously inscribed. The translation of these verses reads as follows: “By the fig and the olive (Jerusalem), And by Mount Sinai, And by this secure city (Makkah) – والتين والزيتون وطور سينين وهذا البلد الأمين” The verses are artfully shaped in the form of an olive tree, skillfully capturing the essence of its roots, branches, and crown within the calligraphy. The letters, elegantly composed in the majestic Diwani script, exhibit a seamless connection, forming the stunning silhouette of the olive tree. This artistic rendition beautifully aligns with the thematic elements of the verse, creating a harmonious visual representation.

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