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Do Not Reconcile Even If They Say A Head For A Head In Thuluth Arabic Calligraphy

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Calligraphy Description: In this exceptional Arabic calligraphy, a poem by the Egyptian poet Amal Dunqul is intricately presented. The initial segment, eloquently scribed in Thuluth Jali script, takes on an almost spherical form, conveying the poignant message: “Do not reconcile even if they say a head for a head – لا تصالح ولو قيل رأس برأس” At the center apex of this spherical arrangement, the second part of the poem emerges in the graceful Diwani script, resembling a tear or water drop, questioning, “Are all heads equal? – أكلُّ الرؤوس سواءٌ” This section is seamlessly integrated, forming a beautiful and balanced shape atop the Thuluth Jali calligraphy. The entire composition is elegantly framed by a delicate decorative border, enhancing the overall aesthetic of this unique and special work.

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