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I Am Allah There Is No Deity Except Me In Thuluth Arabic Calligraphy

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In this beautiful and elegant Arabic calligraphy, Verse 14 from Surah Taha is expertly inscribed in the Thuluth Jali script. The translated phrase “Indeed, I am Allah. There is no deity except Me – انني انا الله لا اله الا انا” is presented in a spherical egg shape, showcasing the meticulous design of the Thuluth Jali script. The letters, with their elegance and majesty, contribute to the overall beauty of the composition. Notably, there is a thin line border framing the calligraphy, adding a subtle but effective touch to enhance the visual appeal. The use of the letter Aleph in the word “Ana – I am” is creatively incorporated as a curved line surrounding the calligraphy and becoming part of the border. This artistic addition adds both beauty and meaning to the composition, showcasing the versatility and creativity of Thuluth Jali script in expressing profound verses from the Quran.

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