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I Shall Carry My Soul On The Palm Of My Hand In Thuluth Arabic Calligraphy

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In this beautiful and elegant Arabic calligraphy, the poignant poem is presented in the Thuluth Jali script, creatively shaped like an open hand or palm. The translated poem reads: “I Shall Carry My Soul On The Palm Of My Hand And Toss It Into The Pits Of Death, Either A Life That Pleases A Friend, Or A Death That Enrages The Enemy – سأحمل روحي على راحتي وألقي بها في مهاوي الردى فإما حياة تسر الصديق وإما ممات يغيظ العدى” The letters and words are seamlessly connected in the graceful Thuluth script, showcasing both elegance and majesty. The calligraphy not only captures the beauty of the script but also skillfully molds the poem to fit the symbolic shape of a hand, adding a unique and artistic dimension to the presentation.

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