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Mashallah Geometric Arabic Calligraphy With Arabesque Frame

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In this beautiful and geometrically decorated Arabic calligraphy, the phrase “Mashallah – ما شاء الله” (God has willed it) is artistically presented. At the center of the composition, the word “Allah – الله” (God) is inscribed in the traditional Thuluth script, enclosed within a circle. Surrounding this central circle, the word “Mashaa – ما شاء” (willed it) is written in a beautiful Thuluth script, and it is repeated in a geometric pattern around the circle, forming an intricate and captivating design. The letters are connected and combined, creating a visually appealing geometric shape. Adding to the overall aesthetics, the circular calligraphy is bordered by a squared arabesque style adorned with numerous decorations and floral elements. This combination of geometric precision, beautiful calligraphy, and intricate arabesque details results in a visually rich and harmonious piece of art.

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