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Mother of Emirates in Diwani Arabic Calligraphy

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In this captivating and exceptionally unique logo and title design for “Mother of Emirates – أم الإمارات” the phrase is elegantly inscribed in the ornate Diwani script. The cursive and decorative nature of the script allows the letters to seamlessly intertwine, creating a visually stunning composition. The beauty of the design lies in the graceful convergence of the letters as they weave through each other in an intricate and harmonious manner. Beneath this enchanting Diwani script, the text “Story of kindness from Abu Dhabi to the world – قصة خير من أبو ظبي للعالم” is artfully presented in classical Thuluth script, aligned on a single horizontal line. The letters in Thuluth script are intricately joined and connected, forming a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing arrangement. The overall design reflects a harmonious blend of artistic expression and meaningful storytelling.

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