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Noor Al Wilayah Logo In Arabic Diwani Calligraphy

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In this captivating and distinctive logo design featuring Arabic calligraphy, the phrase “Noor Al Wilayah – نور الولاية” meaning “Light of the State,” is elegantly presented in decorative Diwani script. The letters are seamlessly connected, forming a cohesive and beautiful composition. Surrounding this central logo, a delicate border takes the shape of a barbecue grill, adding a unique touch. Extending from each side of the logo are two barbecue grill tools—a fork and a spatula—creating a balanced and visually appealing design. The combination of the refined calligraphy and the subtle barbecue grill elements lends a sense of sophistication and uniqueness to the overall logo, making it a symbol that effectively communicates the essence of “Noor Al Wilayah.” Under the logo design calligraphy we have the title of “Light of the State Grill and Restaurant – مطعم ومشويات نور الولاية” written in classical Thuluth script.

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