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On This Land There’s What’s Worth Living In Diwani Jali Arabic Calligraphy

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In this captivating fusion of poetry and artistry, the eloquent words of the renowned Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish come to life in a decorative Diwani script. The poem, “We have on this land that which makes life worth living – على هذه الارض ما يستحق الحياة” unfolds in a visually enchanting manner. The calligraphy takes on the form of a falling waterdrop, symbolizing the essence of life and the profound meaning within Darwish’s words. The letters themselves play a dual role, not only conveying the poetic message but also creating an artistic border that enhances the overall composition. At the apex of the calligraphy, the Aleph letter takes center stage, crafted in a curved, swirly fashion. It intertwines with other Aleph letters, forming a captivating shape reminiscent of a waterdrop delicately suspended by an unseen force. This visual metaphor adds depth and symbolism to the piece, aligning with the theme of the poem. The letters throughout are intricately joined and connected, forming a seamless and harmonious unity. In this amalgamation of language and art, the calligraphic representation of Mahmoud Darwish’s poignant verse becomes a visual celebration, inviting contemplation on the intrinsic beauty found in the poetic expressions of life.

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