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Success Is Surely Achieved By Him Who Purifies Himself In Thuluth Arabic Calligraphy

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In this beautiful and elegant Arabic calligraphy, Verse 14 from Surah Al-Alaa is gracefully inscribed in the Thuluth Jali script. The verse, translated as “Success Is Surely Achieved By Him Who Purifies Himself – قد افلح من تزكى” is artistically presented in a perfect circular shape, skillfully adjusted to fit the exact size of the circle. Thin border lines add a subtle frame to the overall design, enhancing its visual appeal. The letters, crafted in the Thuluth Jali script, convey an aura of elegance and majesty, contributing to the overall beauty of the composition. The careful adjustment of the letters to the circular shape showcases the skill of the calligrapher. This calligraphy piece not only captures the essence of the verse but also exemplifies the artistic intricacy and balance inherent in the Thuluth Jali script.

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