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This By The Grace Of Allah In Tughra And Circular Thuluth Arabic Calligraphy

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In this exquisite display of Arabic calligraphy, the Verse 40 from Surah An-Naml is rendered in a truly unique and artistic manner. The verse begins with the phrase “This is by the grace of my Lord – هذا من فضل ربي” skillfully inscribed in the Ottoman-style Tughra calligraphy script. The Tughra, an imperial Ottoman monogram, is a symbol of masterful calligraphy, and in this composition, it exemplifies both grace and authority. The Tughra is enclosed by a circular frame, consisting of thin two lines, providing a distinct border that adds to the visual allure of the artwork. Following this elegant introduction, the verse seamlessly continues in the beautiful Thuluth classical script, translating the remainder of the verse: “to test me whether I will be grateful or ungrateful. And whoever is grateful – his gratitude is only for the benefit of himself. And whoever is ungrateful – then indeed, my Lord is Free of need and Generous – ليبلوني أأشكر أم أكفر ومن شكر فإنما يشكر لنفسه ومن كفر فإن ربي غني كريم” The Thuluth script is executed in a perfect round line, with letters that are both elegant and majestic. Similar to the Tughra, this portion is enclosed in a circular frame, emphasizing the significance of the verse. The calligraphy design, combining the Tughra and Thuluth scripts within their respective circular frames, not only imparts a visual harmony but also conveys the profound message of gratitude and divine generosity found in the verse. This artwork serves as a testament to the skillful fusion of different calligraphic styles to create a composition that is both aesthetically pleasing and spiritually resonant.

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